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Flexible SELECT creation 0.1 HTML : forms -- 9935 2000-02-15 07:57:01 [ show ]
A function for creating MULTIPLE SELECT lists based on a number of criteria. This one is "different" in that it directly supports arbitrary Objects. Also shows how to use arbitrary strings which can later be used to run methods (see the $compfunc and $valuefunc variables). I have NOT tried this on PHP3 - only on PHP4Beta2. It might work, but I haven't tried it.
Instant PHP Classes 0.1 other languages -- 12555 1999-12-28 07:21:28 [ show ]
A Perl script for quickly generating Java-style PHP classes with getters/setters for each field. Don't use the PRETTY view here - it won't work because it's Perl code.
SQL code to PHP Classes 0.1 databases : front ends -- 11686 2000-02-15 08:08:47 [ show ]
A PERL Script to take SQL's CREATE TABLE commands and turn them into PHP classes. Creates one class file per CREATE TABLE in the input. Typically used along with "mysqldump -d", but should work with other db structure dumpers which can output CREATE TABLE code, or your hand-rolled CREATE TABLE code. Complete details are in the script. I have NOT tested this on PHP3, but I use no PHP-3 specific features, as far as I know. I have tested it on PHP4Beta2.
System uptime for Linux 1.0 time and date : other -- 13003 2000-02-16 09:07:45 [ show ]
Get the system uptime, as parsed from /proc/uptime (so it only works on Linux, or other systems which have /proc/uptime). Returned as an array, so you can print it how you like.
TreeClimber First algorithms : other -- 10804 2000-03-02 07:44:30 [ show ]
A simple PHP class which can recursively climb down directory trees and return all files (and, optionall, directories) under a given path.

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