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Ad Rotator (No Database Required) 1.0 HTML : advertising -- 7708 2000-02-22 17:59:08 [ link ]
A Simple ad rotator which calls a random include file. Each include contains the code (HTML, etc) for the banner. This way quotes, semicolons, etc will not throw things off.
no database bulliten board 2.0 HTML : other -- 8364 1999-12-28 16:41:16 [ link ]
This is a script based on Daniel Williams' original script with the following modifications: - A checkbox for the users' choice in format (HTML or No HTML). - The ability for a user to preview their changes before submitting. - A check box for a user to decide whether or not to see a preview. - Blank submissions are blocked from submission. - An error message has been added when trying to insert a blank submission into the submit page. - The primary submit form has been separated from guestbook.php3 in order to help prevent against multiple submissions (more aesthetic than practical). - Various aesthetic changes (for consistency with www.markdonline.com's look and feel, including a single pixel gif (black.gif) in place of the HTML line rule. I have a few more ideas for improvement which I'll post if I add... Here is where I have it up: http://www.markdonline.com/guestbook/
Post-a-Link (No Database Required) 1.0 discussions : guestbooks -- 8388 2000-02-22 17:57:20 [ link ]
A real nice post-a-link script. Drop down list navigation, no database required. See it in action at http://www.markdonline.com/

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