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A Credit Card Validation Solution 5.7 money : credit card number validators -- 10356 2003-05-05 22:49:03 [ link ]
A set of open source scripts that ensure credit card information is keyed in correctly. Checks numbers for length, falling within accepted ranges, the Mod 10 / Luhn checksum and that you accept the given type. Tells type based on the number. Expiration date validation is optional. Error messages are internationalized. New languages can be easily added. Works for American Express, Australian BankCard, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Discover/Novus, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.
A Form Solution 5.0 HTML : forms -- 21902 2003-05-05 22:44:56 [ link ]
A PHP class to clean and validate user input. Holds all variables submitted by a form. Generates XHTML compliant date and time form elements. Offers a complete email contact form to thwart spammers by adding one line of code. The result is improved security and data quality.
A Layout Solution 5.0 HTML : templating -- 18962 2003-05-05 22:43:40 [ link ]
PHP classes to simplify website development and maintenance. It holds commonly used variables and page elements, allowing you to focus on designing your pages rather than worrying about correctly duplicating common layouts over and over.
A SQL Solution 5.0 databases : abstraction layers -- 16379 2003-05-05 22:44:05 [ link ]
PHP classes to simplify integrating databases with web pages. Provides a powerful, user friendly, platform independent API (Application Programming Interface) for MySQL and ODBC database management systems. Output is XHTML compliant and handicapped accessible.
Address Standardization Solution 5.0 HTML : forms -- 5068 2003-05-05 22:47:32 [ link ]
Formats addresses to US Postal Service standards and generates XHTML option lists of states.

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