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Case insensitive alphabetical array sorter 1.0 algorithms : sorting -- 7979 2000-06-25 09:52:19 [ show ]
This function is to be used with phps' built in usort(). It will sort an array alphabetically and case insensitively, something I found the normal sort() function didn't do. An example of usage: usort($array, 'isort'); Naturally the function should be included or defined in your code.
File synchronisation 1.0 files and directories 5.0 16665 2000-05-20 14:35:09 [ show ]
A script to synchronise directories. Has good logging abilities. Use in conjunction with cron for example.
Form Processor 1.6 HTML : forms 4.2 13664 2000-01-06 19:37:52
A generic formprocessor that can handle multiple forms from one script. Supports all types of input including file uploads. Highly configurable. Can use templates for the thank you page enabling custom messages based upon what was entered in the form. Templates for the email that is sent coming soon, along with text file and MySQL logging.
HTML Mime Mail class 1.0 networking : email 5.0 11992 2000-03-31 14:53:49
A class for sending mime based email. It can send: - HTML Email - HTML Email with embedded images - HTML Email with attachments - HTML Email with embedded images and attachments - Text email - Text email with attachments
Multiple Stripslashes 1.0 algorithms : strings -- 8967 2000-07-30 13:30:23 [ show ]
Got bored one day writing line after line of stripslashes for form data, so I wrote this. Simply pass it the names of all the variables you want slashes stripped from (comma seperated and in the global scope) and it will sort those bad buggers out.
Random Image Picker 1.1 HTML : other -- 6849 2000-02-27 06:12:22
As the title suggests, this script shows a random image from a list held in a text file. Can be called from an IMG tag or via a require/include. Version 1.1: Major code clean up and more focus placed upon using inline method. Now supports any valid html/text as well as images in inline mode.
Search and Replace 1.0 files and directories -- 16468 2000-05-20 14:37:46 [ show ]
Class to enable search/replace of files. Can perform the search over one file, multiple files, entire directories with/without subdirectories. Can search using four different search functions, supporting ereg and preg regular expressions.
String Padding 1.0 algorithms : strings -- 9155 2000-04-21 06:45:12 [ show ]
String padding function. Determines the longest item in an enumerated array and pads the rest out to that length with whatever character you specify. Can optionally pad out to a specific length.
XML DB Schema Interpreter 1.0 databases : other -- 9670 2000-08-11 17:00:10 [ show ]
An easy to use class for handling your database schemas (table layout/design etc). Store the schema as an XML file and use this class to parse the file and (optionally) execute the SQL that's generated. Can be used for entire databases or single tables. Works with MySQL, but as there is only one function that deals with DB specific commands, it could be changed to work with other database software very easily. See http://www.heyes-computing.net/scripts/ for a zip/tar with example schema and script.

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