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HTML Table 1.2 HTML : templating -- 17125 2000-01-19 16:54:41 [ show ]
Automatic generation of HTML code for a table. - OO interface. - Can define colspan, rowspan, table style, row style, cell style, and data style. - Simple, but effective.
RSS Parser 1.0 networking : other -- 7501 2000-06-20 18:10:25 [ show ]
RSS parser. Parses RSS into an array. Quick and nasty but does the job. No checking is done for correct Tags, only correct XML. PHP4 needed to display result (uses print_r).
TTF Text to PNG 1.0 graphics : other -- 14469 2000-01-25 16:46:42 [ show ]
Render TTF Text to PNG. Text message, font, size, rotation, padding, color, background, and transparency can all be defined via URL.

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