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Php3_Light_Chat 1.0 discussions : chat -- 22309 2000-02-08 09:20:18 [ link ] [ show ]
Php version is 3.0.6 not 3.0.7. I've created a chat using php3 and a txt file.No database. It is only 29 lines of code. (with no comments and graphic stuff of course) ++++ I added a few lines in order to get rid of slashes and "criminal" html tag insertions I am proud of this chat because I'm not a professional programmer and still the file is really short. I want to share it with you (and put you down to work to test it....) It uses a text file to store the messages, so I don't know if it is fast enough to handle 50 or more users contemporarily. *** REMEMBER: You have to set write permission on the msg.txt file obviously *** You can easily clone the script and the text file to create new rooms in a second. With PHP4 You can also check who's in and who's gone using sessions. Testers say it's pretty fast ### The script opens and closes the txt file continuously.Please tell me if you get a file lock ###
phpCounter 1.0 HTTP : counters & statistics -- 10054 2000-02-27 18:24:53 [ link ] [ show ]
Simple counter that outputs number in graphic numbers. 10 rows of code.The same php_coded_file can be used for hundreds of pages on your site.

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