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Direct Mailer networking : email -- 3519 2009-04-30 01:42:29 [ show ]
This function send email directly into the recipient's inbox, making it faster and more secure. For windows, requires my Windows DNS functions
Password Encryption without MCrypt 1.0.0 algorithms : encryption -- 5859 2007-06-18 14:50:41 [ show ]
I know its a bit hard to setup MCrypt on PHP or if your host cant be bothered so I made these functions. Basically they make the password longer than the string by repeating it and then adding the two ascii codes together.
Password generator algorithms : strings -- 3216 2009-04-22 11:34:36 [ show ]
Generates a string of random keyboard characters
PI calculator collection 3.0 algorithms : math -- 3123 2007-07-09 02:02:13 [ show ]
The php pi() function can only go to a certain amount. This is a collection of Pi calculators using the Gregory-Leibniz series, the Wallis series and the Reimann series, in float and BCMath. The float is faster but can only go to a certain number of decimal places. Tested on 5.2.3 but should work on 4+. BCMath functions require BCMath support, Windows PHP 4.0.4 plus should be fine. See php.net/bc for details. Warning: I have had problems using pi_wallis_bc and pi_reimann_bc. The code is right so there seems to be a bug in the BCMath functions.
Register Globals function 1.1 algorithms : other -- 3260 2008-04-03 09:20:00 [ show ]
I know lots of scripts require register globals to be on, and lots of hosts don't support it. This function registers the entire $GLOBALS array as independent variables. Tested on PHP 5.2.3 but should work on PHP3+.
Search without SQL 2.2 files and directories -- 3144 2007-06-24 03:57:41 [ show ]
I spent days searching for a search engine with no need for a database. Then one day, I thought I'd make my own.
Simple dice 1.2 games -- 3783 2007-06-24 12:41:23 [ show ]
Simple ascii game dice in php, 10-29 bytes output
SMTP mailer 1.0 networking : email -- 3949 2008-04-05 02:54:24 [ show ]
Function to send mail via SMTP; alternative to mail(). Requires PHP5 and fsockopen()
Windows checkdnsrr() function 1.0 networking : whois & DNS -- 5455 2008-04-04 06:01:36 [ show ]
A getmxrr function compatible with windows operating systems. Use this to test if a domain has records of a particular type. Uses fast public DNS servers.
Windows DNS functions networking : whois & DNS -- 3291 2008-04-04 06:01:47 [ show ]
A collaboration of all the Windows DNS functions I have created: checkdnsrr, getmxrr and dns_get_record. You need to have the files listed in the includes. Their names correspond to the functions for which the code is avaliable on PX
Windows dns_get_record function 1.0 networking : whois & DNS -- 5609 2008-04-04 06:02:10 [ show ]
A dns_get_record function compatible with windows. Use this to retrieve any dns records of hosts. Uses fast public dns servers. Warning: different to the standard linux version. See code for more info.
Windows getmxrr() function 1.0 networking : whois & DNS -- 5393 2008-04-04 06:02:21 [ show ]
A getmxrr function compatible with windows operating systems. Use this to retrieve the MX records of hosts and their MX priority. Uses fast public DNS servers.

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