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Javscript Interface 0.01 databases : front ends -- 10653 2000-03-15 14:22:25 [ show ]
I'm starting to create some objects to grab an array (2 column) from mysql and put it into an equivalent javscript array. This is my first cut. This example requires a mysql database named foods, with a 2 column table in it named FRUIT. The table has two columns: FRUIT_ID, int(11) and FRUIT_NAME, varchar(25). Comments/ Improvements are welcome.
php mode for emacs 0.9.2 other languages -- 15938 2000-03-15 16:21:36 [ link ] [ show ]
Not My work, but something that should be made available to all emacs afficianados. Written by: Turadg Aleahmad <turadg@guru.nu>

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