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I looked everywhere for code that would take multiple text files and do simple formatting on them and add them to a webpage. I ended up writing one myself. The premise is simple, I needed a way for the monkeys hitting the keys to easily add to the company webpage news section. Writing HTML was DEFINATELY out, so I have them create a simple text file in windows notepad and save it to a share drive. The code looks at the share drive, gets the filenames, reads each file and formats the text - All on the fly. NEATO FEATURES: 1. Totally self-maintaining: Instantly reads new news on the fly and when the monkeys want it off the news section, they just delete the text file. 2.By using the ls command with -t, it automatically puts the newest news item first, without a ton of extra code. Also, ls allows you to look at multiple extensions and directories at the same time. 3. It can read from any mounted drive: works with Novell, Samba, NFS, Apple.. ----- ---- Text file format(I use): First line is department, second line blank, third line is title, fourth line blank, fifth line and on is the news... -----Steven S. Boger---- sboger@hotmail.com---- email me if you have questions

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