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download counter v1.1 files and directories -- 13320 2000-07-06 13:17:09 [ link ]
A download counter for your files, check for more info the example.php. Don't use mySQL, this is appropriated for small sites. Tested under Apache 1.3.12 / PHP 4.0.1pl2 / Linux 2.2.16 and Win98.
nslookup 2.0 networking : whois & DNS -- 9941 2000-06-29 17:41:46 [ link ]
Simply nslookup to use in PHP, tested under Apache 1.3.12 / PHP 4.0.0 / Linux 2.2.16. Now in version 2.0 you can get the IP address corresponding to a given Internet host name and get the Internet host name corresponding to a given IP address.

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