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GIF bar chart 1 graphics : charts & graphs -- 19299 1998-12-08 02:36:33 [ show ]
Note: this code uses the gd library. This code will display a bar chart based on random values. Different colors are used to display bars and a GIF image is used for the background. Use the following link to include the example in your web-page: <img src="./bars.php3" border="0"> The background image can be found at www.oron.ch/php/gradient.gif
News from files 2 HTML : other -- 11970 1998-09-07 01:55:35 [ show ]
Another script to display news from files in a directory. This version does not use the UNIX ls command and works also on Windows NT. Files will be sorted in descending order by modification date. You may include html links in the text file.

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