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TLD Registrar Query v1.0a networking : whois & DNS 5.0 25014 2000-08-12 23:44:10 [ show ]
This quick and simple bit of PHP3/PHP4 code allows you to quickly and easily fetch some basic information regarding a .com, .net or .org domain.
Ultimate Credit Card Validation Function 1.01 money : credit card number validators 5.0 6001 2001-01-30 02:29:44 [ show ]
This is the ultimate credit card number check routine. It will tell you if the numbers entered for a credit card are feasible. Use this before doing an actual account verification, to save yourself AVS and access fees. Over the years, I\'ve seen many (mostly sloppy) credit card check (LUHN) routines, with a lot of convoluted code and inefficient programming. As a result, I wrote this one in an effort to lay this to rest, once and for all.

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