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A Hidden Vars Generator 1.0 HTML : forms -- 10780 2000-10-29 23:55:31 [ link ] [ show ]
I used the same object name as the similar program written by David Sklar at http://px.sklar.com/code.html?code_id=15 I couldn't get his to work for array data for some reason and his variable names were sort of abstract for my tastes, so I developed this one.
Enhancements to R.Chambers' Email Library 1.1 networking : email -- 10633 2000-10-17 00:00:53 [ link ] [ show ]
I updated Richard Chambers' Email library (that I downloaded here) to allow for sending email that is text only + attachments. Previously, his code only allowed for emails that had text, html, and attachments altogether, but not text + attachments alone.
WebWasher Detector 1.0 HTTP : other -- 4498 2001-03-26 00:12:52 [ link ]
WebWasher is a pretty scary development -- with it, a user can block all ad content from a site. But WebWasher also shows up in the HTTP_USER_AGENT string. Link to the code to see it in action and get the source. It is not a major program, but it is good to know how to do it. Otherwise, ad-supported sites will be sunk.

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