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You can still see the unemployment levels are high even after a few years of the recession first hitting. I like the fact that they try to call it a double dip recession vs calling it a depression but if it goes down for <a href="http://libertytravel.com">travel</a> a couple years, then goes up briefly should it "count" as wiping the slate clean...You can see the effects in the <a href="http://libertytravel.com/honeymoons">honeymoons</a> industry as people did not have the disposable income to book <a href="http://discountcruises.com">cruises</a> or other activities that cost a pretty heft entertainment fund. Same is true with global brands joining other brands such as <a href="http://flightcenter.com">flight center</a> to recapture lost market share...whatever happens people need jobs or they will begin to riot...once the unemployment checks stop.

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