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iBlogger 1.2 databases : applications -- 6694 2001-03-07 14:34:39 [ link ]
Well, there are many people out there who use technology such as Blogger.com to publish their news, what\'s new sections, journals etc. And almost all these people have realized that\'s it\'s slow, bulky and very hungry on FTP server resources. So here comes iBlogger - the almost immediate substitute for you bloggers...all you need is php/mysql and a little knowledge of HTML. The basic advantage of iBlogger over other weBlog tools is that it integrates to form a part of your site... the backend is small and light, and all it requires is for PHP and mySQL to be present. Everything else, iBlogger takes care of. The salient features of iBlogger are... >Lightweight, slim PHP/mySQL architecture >Completely invisible to your site viewers, fits effortlessly into your present site. >Uses the blazing fast mySQL database. >Extremely easy install. Simply unzip, upload and run. >Supports multiple authors. >Preview posts before posting. >Ability to edit and delete posts after posting them. >Each author can edit their own information. >Each author can be given different permissions to delete, edit posts and admin the weblog. >Easy configuration and setup.

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