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Concentration 1.0 games -- 35595 1999-05-03 20:30:15 [ link ] [ show ]
Classic Concentration, also called "memory". An nxm array of pictures (cards) is displayed. The array contains two of each picture. Every turn, a player turns over two cards. If those cards match, they are left faceup. If not, they are both flipped face down again. The game ends when all cards are face up. The object is to minimize the number of turns. Requires PHPlib.
Email Template Class 1.00b HTTP : email gateways -- 16400 1999-04-06 07:22:10 [ show ]
Email class that can load templates from file, insert variables, and send. Useful for form emails and dynamic email generation. Supports full names in both to: and from: fields like Bill Clinton <president@whitehouse.gov>.
ICQ Pager 1 networking : other -- 16015 1999-07-24 03:25:21 [ show ]
This function sends an ICQ page to a specified UIN. It uses Mirabilis' ICQ pager system to send an ICQ message to a specified UIN.

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